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Watering your lawn

A guide to watering your lawn in the summer

The “Great British Summer” can be unpredictable at best. A week of blistering heat and blue skies can be quickly followed by chilly temperatures and torrential downpours.

Good water usage is vital when it comes to taking care of our lawns to ensure they are healthy and looking at their best. But thanks to the good old British summer, being able to predict and manage the amount of water our lawns get can be a challenge.

Cambs Total Turfcare recommends these top tips to ensure your lawn has just the right amount of water this summer:
1. Check your lawn before watering to make sure it does actually need it

2. You should water your lawn once or twice a week during the average summer month, but if there has been heavy rainfall you may not need to water at all

3. It is recommended that you apply at least 3 or 4mm of water at a time, a good tip is to place a plastic container on the lawn so you can see when you have watered enough

4. Your soil type will also dictate how often and how much you need to water, for example, sandy soils absorb and lose water quickly whereas clay soil holds water and dries more slowly

5. If your lawn undulates or slopes water may also run off or pool so take these factors into consideration too

6. Water early in the morning if possible so that the leaf dries during the day, the aim is for the grass to be dry before nightfall. Lawn diseases, fungus, mould and mildew all like moist cool dark conditions. Watering the grass at night will create ideal conditions for them to thrive

7. Good irrigation is also really important, dry or brown patches of grass indicate that water is not penetrating to the root zone and you could be wasting water

8. It’s also important to save and re-use water where possible. Use water butts to catch the water from your guttering and water plants with water used in the home rather than just pulling the plug on all that valuable water

9. To make the most of the water you do use, CTT may recommend using a wetting agent during the summer months

Your CTT expert will provide you with recommendations on how to water your lawn correctly and the best products and techniques to achieve your targets.

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