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Red Thread

What is Red Thread?

Red Thread has become a common disease on lawns, particularly those with poor light, and soil. Red Thread can also occur after periods of heavy rain during which plant available nitrogen is washed from the soil. Red Thread can affect most grass types including annual meadow grass, fescue and bent.


The symptoms are usually seen during late summer when sporadic reddish patches of dying grass appear. It may be on closer inspection red needle like threads can be found growing on the grass leaves.

The disease enters the leaf by the stomata which become the point of infection. Red Thread is more of a leaf disease so is unlikely to kill the root system. Therefore turf can recover adequately given time.


Red Thread is a sign of low fertility, therefore a good fertiliser program and lawn heath check are good ways to avoid this disease.
CTT can take preventative and curative action to reduce the effects of Red Thread to your lawn.

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