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Rust disease

What is lawn rust disease?

Rust is a common foliar disease of turf. It is caused by various fungi, usually Puccinia or Uromyces species. Infected areas may produce huge numbers of air-borne spores. When walking your lawn you will notice the brown from the rust spores covering your shoes.


Typical symptoms of lawn rust include;

  • Affected patches of grass turn yellow
  • Large numbers of tiny, spore-producing pustules break through the leaf surface. The colour of the pustule will depend on the species of rust and the type of spore it is producing. Most commonly the pustules are orange, but in autumn the fungus may switch to producing black pustules containing over-wintering spores
  • When walking over an affected lawn, shoes or clothes turn orange as they become coated with vast numbers of spores
  • Severely affected leaves may turn brown and shrivel, but the rust does not usually kill the grass


Non-chemical control

Feed the lawn regularly during the growing season to maintain vigour

Avoid high nitrogen fertilisers in the autumn, as the resultant lush growth may be more prone to attack by rust and other diseases such as Fusarium patch

Mow regularly to reduce the number of affected leaves, removing the clippings

Improve air circulation by selective pruning of overhanging trees and shrubs and good aeration.

Chemical Control

There are no fungicides for the control of rust on lawns. Chemical control of rust is usually unnecessary as the symptoms are temporary. Even lawns that are heavily infected in autumn will usually produce healthy growth by early summer of the following year.

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