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Early Summer Treatments

Summer is the time of year when all our customers want their lawn to look its best. The fertiliser that was applied to your lawn in spring will contribute to this, but the feed we apply during this treatment will ensure that your lawn remains thick and green throughout the summer.

We tailor the fertiliser for the requirements of your lawn, usually a micro-granular feed at this time of year. Major factors that have to be considered at the time of this lawn treatment are the development of common lawn diseases in this season, and the likeliness of any drought conditions over the coming weeks. By making sure the plant is healthy and has enough nutritional reserves, we can ensure it is less susceptible to drought and disease.

Weed-killer is applied if required to deal with any new weeds that may have appeared in your lawn.

Key points we look out for

  • The early development of common diseases, usually red thread, that can ruin the appearance of your lawn. These can be controlled to an extent with correct fertiliser choice.
  • Early signs of turf stress that may be caused by dry weather.

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