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Late Summer Treaments

One of the man factors we consider in late summer is how your lawn has fared since the last treatment. If severe drought conditions have occurred, or are still in place, they may be causing your lawns to become stressed. This is also the case for long periods of wet weather and low light levels associated with overcast, cloudy days.

The choice of fertiliser here is therefore critical. We use stablished nitrogen compound feeds that contain essential trace elements. It contains controlled release, no-scorch granules, which require no watering in, these will help to maintain the green strength in the lawn, even through dry periods which is typical this time of year.

Any further weed problems are dealt with if necessary.

Key points we look out for

  • Stress symptoms due to continuous hot and dry weather
  • Diseases that often occur during humid conditions
  • Grass sward density. We need to maintain a dense sward with an even colour

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