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Lawn Renovation – 7 Steps To Success

If you feel that your lawn is beyond help – do not despair, CTT offer a 7 Steps To Success renovation programme that will completely transform your lawn. It will remove layers of thatch and patches of moss, deal with issues such as compaction and add nutrients back into the soil helping to target root growth. In addition the process will repair any damaged areas ensuring that your new lawn looks fantastic.

Lawn renovation is a process whereby the lawn is stripped back to the bare earth and specialist processes are applied to help achieve a new, thick, deep green and weed free lawn.
The process involves the following 7 steps.
1. Spray off the lawn killing any weeds at the same time
2. Heavily scarify the lawn
3. Seed with a suitable seed with the correct species for your needs and soil type.
4. Soil to cover the seed and remove any uneven areas within the lawn
5. A second seeding is applied
6. Rake the area over to ensure good soil/seed contact
7. Apply a pre seed fertiliser to aid establishment

This treatment can be carried out on small sections of the lawn as well as the whole lawn. The benefits from this treatment include:

    • Helps remove areas of moss and thatch
    • Repairs areas that have dried out due to thatch
    • Results in a thick, green, healthy, weed free lawn


The best time to undergo the lawn renovation programme is during the autumn or spring months, when your lawn is actively growing. As with any lawn care treatment, applications can vary depending on the initial condition of the lawn so an individual consultation with your CTT lawn care expert is recommended.

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