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Over-seeding is one of the most important lawn care applications, but few lawn companies provide it. The main reason for this is because they believe that if a lawn is being fertilised, then it will not require over-seeding.

Why is overseeding necessary?

After approximately five to six years, the grass plant reproduction rate slows down, therefore as the grass ages, it becomes tired. Thin grass then attracts weeds, making the lawn look more unattractive. Younger seed types and better quality cultivars are therefore essential for higher quality lawns.

Annual over-seeding compensates for the natural slow-down of the turf’s reproduction rate. The major benefits of over-seeding your lawn annually are that it ensures your lawn stays thick and dense. Areas that have become sparse will become thick and lush again. Thick grass will have fewer weeds, providing that it is cut at the correct height. The second benefit is disease resistance.

What seed is right for my lawn?

There are a large range of seed types and cultivars now on the market.
Rye grass
Fescue grass
Bent grass
Shaded Lawn grass
Drought-Resistant grass

CTT will analyse your lawn to find out what grass type you have in your lawn and which seed of blend of seed would best suite your lawn and needs. Soil type also plays a big part of seed choice.

Any of the above seeds can be mixed with your lawn to improve and change the content of your existing grass types. Please contact us for further information.

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