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Spring Treatments

Spring is often the time homeowners start using our services. Our fertiliser choice at this time of year is based on how your lawns have fared throughout the winter months.

After an analysis of your lawns current condition, CTT will apply a fertiliser that will be most beneficial. We will apply a low level nitrogen and a higher potassium. Potassium facilitates the internal processes of the plant’s cells, including photosynthesis, respiration, absorption of water and increasing protein production. Potassium helps the grass build thicker cell walls, which strengthens the plant so it can withstand external stresses such as drought, heat, cold and disease.

Too much nitrogen can also cause excessive growth during the spring when the plant needs to be building its energy reserves for root development and hardiness during the cooler period.

Weeds are also controlled during this application with selective weed-killers to specifically eliminate the weeds that are growing in your lawns.

Key points we look out for

  • Any diseases or disorders that may have occurred over the winter months, as a suitable fertiliser will be required to help deal with these problems.
  • The development and growth of weeds that are present, so that the most appropriate weed-killer can be applied.

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