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Top Dressing

What is top dressing?

Top dressing is the process of adding soil or organic material to the surface of the lawn to improve its quality and to create a smooth level surface overtime. The top dressing we apply to your lawn will eventually become part of the root zone (soil where grass roots grow best) so it’s important that the right top dressing for your soil type is used.

When to top dress your lawn

Top dressing can be completed whenever necessary, although completing it as part of the autumn renovation procedure is preferred. Top dressing should be applied after any aeration or scarification procedure has been carried out, if possible. This allows the top dressing to fully enter into the surface and soil below, therefore providing more effective results.

Benefits of top dressing

Top dressings are used on lawns to bring some, or all of the following benefits:
1. Improve the surface and soil drainage rates.
2. Reduce and dilute the levels of thatch.
3. Improve the levels of smoothness.
4. Fill in cracks and gaps.
5. Increase water and nutrient retention.
6. Allow a lawn mower to produce a smoother and more even cut.

We only use professional quality top dressing

In general the quality is determined by these factors

The grade
The grade is the most important factor in our opinion. When choosing the best grade top soil for your lawn we look at pH level, Phosphorus index, Potassium index, Magnesium index and screen rate.

A dry top dressing helps considerably with the spreading results, if it’s wet your lawn will soon become a mud bath (this is why we only top dress in the dry).

Weed free
It goes without saying that we only use top dressing that has been screened multiple times and treated to reduce the chances of weeds.

We only use top dressing that is close to your existing soil’s pH and preferably one that improves it.

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