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Weed Control

Why weeds are a problem

Aside from the unsightly appearance of having a weed infested lawn, weeds can cause serious issues to a lawn, including:

  • Large leaves shade out and crowd fine grasses
  • Lawn deterioration is accelerated as weed roots take up water and nutrients, reducing the reserves available for the grass
  • The lawn is given a distinctly spotty look with unsightly flowers
  • Matt type-weeds and rosette weeds can escape the mower and will produce runners which can spread rapidly when the grass isn’t growing vigorously
  • Unsightly leaves – the patchy appearance will be heightened during a prolonged dry spell

Weeds come from a variety of sources including

  • Bird-borne seeds
  • Wind-borne seeds
  • Bits of stem, roots or seed from boots, pets, compost etc.
  • Creeping stems from surrounding neighbouring lawns or weedy paths
  • Seeds already in the soil – bare patches or sparse growth can stimulate germination years later
  • Worms can bring deeply buried seeds to the surface

Solving the weed problem with selective weedkillers

By far the most effective solution to a weed dominated lawn is to apply a professional selective herbicide.

The benefits to applying professional selective weedkillers are many, including:

  • Extremely effective on the most persistent of weeds including yarrow, speedwell, plantains and clover
  • Kills the weeds and not the grass (if used correctly)
  • Far superior & faster results to weed & feed products
  • Systemic – they kill the weed down to the roots not just the leaf
  • Do not require watering in
  • Better for the environment as we only apply weedkiller when it’s needed, not every time the lawn is fed
  • More economical – you’ll usually only need 1 or 2 applications a year (depending on the weeds) for a completely weed free lawn
  • Pet and family safe as soon as the lawn is dry (usually up to 1 hour, depending on the weather)

It is possible to achieve a weed free lawn with a combination of a good lawn care programme and when necessary the correct use of the best professional herbicide for the weeds on your lawn.

It is a legal requirement to hold PA1 and PA6 NPTC (City of Guilds) qualifications to use professional herbicides – we hold this qualification so you can be assured that our weed control services will produce the best results for your lawn safely and responsibly.

Why you should consider our weed control service

  • We are PA1 & PA6 qualified in the safe use of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and insecticides
  • Your lawn will be weed free year long with usually just 1 or 2 applications (depending on the weeds)
  • We’re experienced using professional herbicides safely and efficiently with excellent results
  • The herbicides we use cannot be bought off the shelf
  • The herbicides we use are far more effective than those available to the general public
  • A thick and lush lawn is the best form of weed control, however, sometimes it is necessary to take action, you can be assured we’ll only recommend using herbicides when absolutely necessary

The herbicides we use are systemic – the weeds won’t just be checked, they will be killed right down to their roots, meaning that usually one or two applications a year are enough for a completely weed free lawn.

After applying a herbicide we recommend that family and pets are kept off the lawn for usually an hour, depending on the air temperature this may be less.

Your lawn will be 100% safe for family and pets once the herbicide has dried on the grass leaf.

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